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Hai! by Mangle-The-FoxHai! by Mangle-The-Fox


Wolf Jose and Vixen Malmuria by Una-oneechan19
Wolf Jose and Vixen Malmuria
I don't know how well I drew them. I'm not really good at drawing animals.

It is based from a rp myself and Psychojose14 are rping atm
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This has to be the sweetest roleplay I have done with my Oc on Omegle.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like hetalia.

Stranger: (...before you disconnect, I wanna say I don't approve in the selling of humans in any way, shape, or form. This is purely for fictional roleplay purposes.) The teenager, pale, with brown hair down to his shoulders, stood beside another man. The other, far older than him, held a thick rope that was tied around his hands and neck, forcing him to look down. "Slave number 674. Fluent in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, and English. Strong, hardworking, and can handle harsh punishment for misbehaviour." he whipped the boy to show the people there how well he handled it, giving only a small flinch and quiet whimper. "Who would be willing to buy this young one?" the boy had his eyes closed tightly, only a few tears slipping out. (Lithuania. I'll RP with any character, OCs, fems, whatever.)

You: ((i don't approve either its wrong))

You: A young Parisian girl who is with her father France. She is watching every move that Lithuania is making. ((Paris is my OC is that okay?))

Stranger: (sure.) No one bid, the crowd was silent. Lithuania heard murmurs of people in the crowd, calling him weak and pathetic. He knew what happened to slaves that weren't sold...he cried slightly harder, still trying to hold it back. He was whipped again, flinching and giving a slightly louder cry. "No one wants him? going once..."

Stranger: (haha sorry I contradicted myself there...)

Stranger: (...hello? you still there?)

You: ((lol)) Someone bids. She looks up but seeing she is so tiny, she can't see the person only the voice. "This is terrible. papa.. we have to do something."

You: ((i am still here ^^ ))

Stranger: (haha kk. should I be france?)

You: ((if you want?))

Stranger: (do you want to?) the auctioneer looked at the man who had bid, "and how much are you willing to pay?" "...fifty." the man replied.

You: ((if you don't mind.))

Stranger: (ok.)

You: ((thank you so much)) Paris tries her best to look, she stands on her chair.

Stranger: ('re france, oui?) "anyone else?" the man who had bid was tall, with sandy blonde hair and violet eyes. Lithuania kept his head bowed, but was thankful /someone/ had bought him.

You: ((no i am paris, France's daugther))

Stranger: (so I'm being France?) France urged his daughter to sit, then raised his hand calmly. "seventy five." he offered. He didn't like these auctions, he didn't know they would sell people as well as objects. And he would do whatever his daughter asked, so if she wished to free the man, he would.

You: ((yeah ^^ )) Paris frowns, sits down as her father asked.

Stranger: The other man gave him a evil look. " hundred." France frowned. he would have to try harder... "two hundred. final offer." The blonde man stayed silent. "going once...going twice...sold!" the autioneer shouted. France helped Paris to a stand. "we're leaving now, alright? I don't want to see more of this..." the auctioneer yanked on the rope, the brunette stumbling forward to follow him to France. he kept his head sown the entire time, staring at the floor.

You: "Okay papa." She takes France's hand and walks out smiling cause her father has done a good thing. She looks at Lithuania and smiles. "You don't need to be scared. We will not hurt. Right Papa."

Stranger: He nodded. once they were outside, he stopped. "stand still...I'll untie you, mon ami..." he said quietly to the boy. "y-yes, master..." he replied quietly. France looked up from where he was untying the rope. "Master? no, mon ami, call me Francis..."

You: "And you can tell me Paris okay." She smiles up at him.

Stranger: He looked up slightly when the rope was taken away, but didn't meet either one's eyes. he had been taught that was disrespectful, for he was not of their class. "y-yes, master Paris..." he said softly.

You: She giggles."Master.. Non.. just Paris.. will do.." She looks at his wrist. "Come on.. we are going to treat those wounds."

Stranger: He shook his head slightly. "y-you don't have to, M-Paris..." he said quietly. He subconsiously rubbed his forearm, where there were the marks of many owners, all branded onto his skin. "I-I should get to work once you take me to your home..."

You: "You don't understand we bought you, to set you free. You don't need to work for us." She looks sad, she looks like she is about to cry cause she is only six years old.

Stranger: (BRB.) "...I-I have never been 'free'..." he looked at her, but still didn't meet her eyes. She was about the age when he had first gotten sold... "I-I don't understand, people buy me to use me, n-not to 'free' me..."

Stranger: (in case something happens...I like your character. My email is and my Deviantart is chainmailepsychic)

You: ((yeah sure ^^ i don't use email but i have a Deviantart is una-oneechan19 )) She looked up to him with tears in her eyes. "We don't use people.We help them. right papa"

You: ((thank you and i have added you as a friend))

Stranger: (kay I'm back. sorry for the wait. and thx.) Francis picked her up, holding her on his waist. "oui...what is your name?" he asked softly, kneeling to the teen's level. "...s-slave 674..." he replied quietly. France frowned. "your real name." The boy hesitated. "...y-you should just call me slave...b-but my name is Toris...."

You: ((welcome back and you're welcome))) Paris smiles when he spoke.

Stranger: (^_^) Francis smiled slightly. "non. I'll call you Toris." he said. "I'll take you home...these need someone to take care of them..." he gently ran his fingers over the bruises were the rope had been tied. he stood again.

You: "We will look after you until you get back on your feet Toris. We are the good people.. we are not nothing like those people back there. w-we only want to h-help." She hates people getting hurt for no reason.

Stranger: He stood still, before nodding slowly. He wouldn't argue with his masters. "...wh-whatever you wish to do...I-I will comply...."

You: "Papa.. He is not listen to a word, we are saying. What shall we do?"

You: "It's like his past owners have done something to him"

Stranger: Francis kissed her forehead lightly. "we'll be nice to him, and he'll see we don't want to hurt him..." he said quietly to her. He offered his free hand to the boy. "Toris...come with me..." he urged gently. Toris nodded. "y-yessir..." he awkwardly took hold of Francis' hand as he led him back to their house.

You: "Oui papa." She wipes in tears from her eyes and smiles.

Stranger: Francis carried Paris home. Once they were back, he set her down. "wait here with Toris, mon cheri. I'll get a first aid kit..." he walked off. Toris was standing in the entryway, dutifully awaiting France's return.

You: Paris looks at him and thinks. 'why would anyone sell people. that's was bad as papa trying to sell me.' She smiles. "You can come with me to the living room. You don't need to stand there Toris." She holds out her hand.

You: *as bad

Stranger: (I WAS GONNA SAY. LOL.) He looked over at her. "wh-whatever you'd like..." he said softly, taking her hand.

You: ((it wasn't till a saw it and was like 'what the hell' ^^)) She looks sad, she leads him to the living room.

Stranger: (LOL. niiice.) He noticed her sad expression. "d-did I do something wrong...? wh-why are you sad...?" he asked quietly.

You: She looks up to him. "Non.. You didn't do everything wrong." Wipes her eyes. "I am fine." Trying her best not to burst into tears.

Stranger: He stayed silent. He noticed she was still sad, but he didn't want to be beaten for being nosy.

You: "You can take a sit here." She pats on the sofa.

Stranger: He sat on the sofa, sitting on te very edge, as if he were preparing to move. "a-alright..." he said quietly.

You: "You don't need to sit way over there. Come sit here and relax."

Stranger: he moved somewhat closer to her, a bit of his anxiousness seeming to leave.

You: "That's it.. a little closer."

Stranger: He awkwardly moved closer, now only a foot away.

You: She happily smiles. "That's it and relax."

Stranger: he relaxed slightly, but his eyes still flitted nervously.

You: "You don't need to be scared" Her hand slips on the sofa and lands on his.

Stranger: he tensed at her touch. "a-alright..." he said quietly. He wondered if his new master[s] were like one he had had before, that touched him and hurt him in a different way...

Francis came back into the room, holding the small plastic first aid box. he knelt in front of Paris and Toris, opening it. "...have you two made friends?" he asked with a smile.

You: "Oui..papa.. we are." She happily smiles.

Stranger: Francis kissed her cheek. "that's good. I knew my belle daughter would make a friend." he took out some creme and some guaze, gently taking Toris' hand. "this might sting, but it'll make it feel better..." he warned him quietly. Toris nodded, and didn't even flinch when he put it on his blistered wrists, wrapping guaze over it when he was done.

You: She looks at Toris' wrist and quickly looked away, tears streaming down her face. 'Why would anyone do that?' She thought to herself.

Stranger: Francis did the same to the other wrist, looking at Paris. "what's wrong, mon cheri...?"

You: She didn't answer him instead she pulled her knees up to her chest and cried in her hands.

Stranger: He tied the guaze, then gently pet Paris' hair. "tell me what's wrong, sil vous plait?" Toris distractedly watching her. It almost made him want to cry, to see such a young girl so sad...but crying showed weakness, and they might get rid of him if he was weak.

You: "Why would anyone want to do something like that? I don't like papa" More tears stream down her face. "I hate it papa."

Stranger: He sighed, pulling her into a hug. "I don't know, cheri...some people don't want to do things for themselves, and don't have friends to help them...and some people just need control..."Toris looked away. So it was him making her cry...he would surely be punished for this later.

You: She cries harder on France's shirt. "I hate it papa."

Stranger: he sighed. "I do too, mon cheri...I'm sorry, I didn't know they were doing it there..." he said softly.

You: She doesn't stop crying.

Stranger: He rocked her gently. "I know you're sad...calm'll be okay..."

You: She sniffs and calms down.

Stranger: he sighed softly. "Je T'aime, mon cheri...I shouldn't have let you see that..."

You: "Je vous aime trop mon papa." She holds France's shirt tightly and looks at Toris.

Stranger: Toris was looking away, feeling guilty for making her cry. "I-I'm sorry..." he whispered softly.

You: She jumps out of France's grips and hugs Toris.

Stranger: He gasped in suprise, stiffening, but saying nothing.

You: "You don't need to be sorry. There is nothing to be sorry about. I am sorry we didn't to anything sooner to help you get out of there." She kisses his cheek and hugs him again.

Stranger: He blushed deeply at the kiss, although quick and light. "b-but I made you cry..."

You: "That doesn't matter." She tries her past to make him hug her back.

Stranger: he noticed what she wanted him to do, hugging back slightly. "I-If you say so..."

You: She sniffs and smiles. "I am sorry for all those things them big people have done to you Toris."

You: *bad

Stranger: he shook his head slightly. "y-you don't need to be sorry...m-most of the time I'm beaten because I did something bad....s-so it's my fault I get myself hurt..."

You: She smiles but tears are still falling down her face. "You don't need to think about them anymore cause we are letting you be free when you get back on your feet"

Stranger: he nodded. "th-thank you..." he still didn't know what she meant by 'free'...even before he was a slave, he would follow his mother, who was one, to learn what to do. he learned the three rules, to obey your master without question or hesatation, not protest punishment, instead to accept it and admit your faults, and to NEVER act like you are equal to a free person. Slaves are property, not people, he was told.

You: She lets go of Toris and looks at him straight in his eyes and smiles.

Stranger: He looked away slightly, it was degrading for your master to meet their slave's eyes... but he did smile slightly.

You: She turns her head and looks at France. "Papa. I am eating. Can we go get something to eat please."

Stranger: He smiled. "sure, mon cheri. what would you like?"

You: "umm.. I am not sure. What do you like Toris?"

Stranger: "I-I don't know..." usually he just ate whatever his masters left for him, leftovers and the parts you weren't supposed to eat or they didn't like...

You: She looks at him and places her hands on his face to make him look at her. "Please tell us what you would like to eat."

Stranger: He averted his eyes. "...wh-whatever you leave..."

You: "Papa.. What do we do?"

Stranger: Francis frowned, sighing softly. "Toris, look at me..." Toris obeyed, somewhat hesitantly. "we aren't your masters, we're your friends. we treat you as an equal, like another of this family, alright? we want to hear your opinion..." Toris wanted to look away, but that would be disobeying an order. "I-I don't know...wh-whatever you don't want you can give to me..."

You: "B-But...... we can't just give you what do want... I-It's not fair.. You have to get what papa is saying into your head Toris. We are your friends not masters. We have to let go of the past and what those bad people have done and look forward to the future. Never mind what other people say. You're family not property and we mean that.

You: "

Stranger: he bit his lip slightly. "I-I know..." he said softly. "I-I'm telling you's all i want..." it was hard to change, and he knew these people wanted to be his friend, but he just thought they didn't know what he was. he was a slave, the brandings, initials and symbols of other families and masters proved him so. He was bred from two other slaves, he wouldn't be able to change that.

You: "It's not fair." She jumps off Toris and runs off to her room.

Stranger: Toris bit his lip a bit harder as she left. Now he had made her mad...she didn't understand, he was never intended to be a person, a boy. He was bred to be a slave, capable, quiet, and obedient, like a well trained dog. He wrung his hands nervously. Francis sighed, chasing after her.

You: She quickly ran up the stairs to her room but she fell halfway but she managed to make herself not fall right down them. "IT'S NOT FINE!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her face.

Stranger: Toris nervously followed Francis, waiting just outside the doorway as Francis sat beside her, pulling her onto his lap and hugging her tightly. "I know it's not...we just need to prove to him that he's an amazing person inside, everyone is..."

You: "That's what I am trying to do papa but ... I just give up. He is not going to listen to a word I am saying." She tightly grabs him.

Stranger: He closed his eyes slightly. "I know you can't tell need to guide him, make him realise it himself..."

You: "I don't know what to do to guide him papa"

Stranger: He kissed her lightly. " his friend, that's nice to him. It'll take a while, but he'll understand eventually. He doesn't trust me as much, he groups me with his other..." he hesitated for a second, before saying the next word like a curse. "owners..."

You: Her bottom lip whimpers as she hugs France.

Stranger: he sighed quietly. "...he'll be your brother for a while, alright? I'll treat him as my son, you treat him as your brother...he'll feel more comfortable soon if we do that..."

You: She sniffs. "All right." and smiles.

Stranger: He smiled slightly back. He hated the laws surrounding slaves, even if they weren't common anymore. He would adopt him for real if he could, but Toris had the right idea, as far as the law was concerned. He wouldn't be able to take in Toris as a legal son no more than he would be able to a horse. However, they said nothing about how he is to be treated, simply that he could do what he wished. If that happened to be to treat him well and kindly, no one could come after him for that.

You: Paris closes her eyes and held onto France's shirt tightly. "What I can I do to make him feel like he is at home papa? I will do my best to make him feel at home."

Stranger: "just be nice to him...he can live in the guest room, next to yours."

You: "I am being nice to him papa. But he doesn't listen."

Stranger: "he will...he just isn't used to it." he told her quietly.

You: "I know papa. I know he will."

Stranger: He smiled. "why don't you and Toris find something to do together, and I'll prepare the guest room for him."

You: "Okay.. I will try."

Stranger: He stood, helping her stand. "I trust you, mon cheri."

You: She looks up to France and cutely smiles.

You: She walks over to Toris. "Why don't we go and do something? What do you say?" She smiles sweetly at him.

Stranger: "a-alright...wh-whatever you want to do..." he said as Francis went upstairs.

You: "Oh there some apples at need to be pick. Do you want to help me do that? We can do it together!"

Stranger: "a-alright, Paris." he replied.

You: She smiles as he said her name. "Okay" She grabs his hand and runs out the back door to the big apple tree.

Stranger: he stumbled slightly, following her.

You: "What do you think?" She stands proudly at the trunk of the tree. "Papa planted this tree while before I was born."

Stranger: "I-It's really big..." he looked up at it. "I-It looks well taken care of...I-I've never seen one with that much fruit..."

You: "Yeah.. me and papa play a lot here. Well after when he comes home from the world meetings." She steps forward "Well here I go." She jumps high in the air, grabs one of the branch and twirls on it. "Ta da."

Stranger: He looked up there, then jumped up as well. "I-It must be fun, t-to have that much time to play..."

You: "Yeah.. but it's not fun when papa has to go to those meeting. But England always fights with him, it takes a lot out of papa." She balances on the branch.

Stranger: he frowned slightly. "th-that's not good..."

You: "I know.. but I seem to brighten up papa's day" She sits down on the branch and goes upside down to get a couple of apples.

Stranger: He reached up, picking some from abouve him. "hm...I-I wish I could do something like that to someone..."

You: "You are, right now."

Stranger: He looked curiously at her. "wh-what do you mean...?"

You: "You are brighten up my day."

Stranger: He turned a light shade of pink. "m-me? I-I haven't even done any work for you yet..."

You: "You don't need to work for us."

You: She smiles sweetly.

Stranger: He gave a sidelong glance. (in case you don't know, think this face: >.>) "e-even if I act like this, l-like a friend, I-I'm still a slave..."

You: ((I got it ^^ )) "You are not a slave, I am my friend."

You: *you

Stranger: (LOL, I was all like "whut?")He sighed, she didn't seem to understand... "I-I'm both..."

You: "You are not both, you are my friend and that's finally"

Stranger: "..." he frowned. "...I-I can be both...o-or I can just be a slave, I-I can't /not/ be a slave..."

You: "You are not both.. You are my frie.." She wasn't looking what she was doing, she slips off the branch and lands on the hard ground below.

Stranger: He jumped down after her, landing on his feet beside her. "a-are you alright!?" he asked, worried.

You: She wasn't moving.

Stranger: He picked her up gently. "P-Paris?"

You: She still isn't moving when he picks her up.

Stranger: He was worried, using all his effort to keep calm. He took her inside, gently laying her down on the couch. He shook her gently, and when that didn't work, started to check and see if her bones were broken

You: She is breathing but not moving.

Stranger: He started to panic, but managed to keep it under control. "F-Francis?" he called quietly, not wanting to leave her. "F-Francis!?" he called louder, and he came downstairs quickly. "que?" he saw Paris, giving a small gasp. "Paris?" he looked to Toris. "wh-what happened?" "sh-sh-she fell..." he said softly.

You: "P...Papa...." She starts to come to.

Stranger: Toris spun around to look at her again. "I-I'll get some ice..." he said quietly, running off to get some. Francis knelt in front of her. "mon cheri, are you alright?" he asked urgently.

You: "I don't know what happened Papa.. Me and Toris were talking and the next thing I know I wake up here."

Stranger: "d-does anything hurt?" he asked anxiously. Toris came back quickly with the ice.

You: "I don't know." A sharp pain runs down her back and she whimpers in pain.

Stranger: "I saw that...where did that pain come from?" he asked quietly.

You: "My back"

Stranger: He turned her over gently. "" he showed Toris where to put the ice pack, and he gently put it there. "d-does that feel better?"he asked quietly, kneeling beside francis.

You: She whimpers in pain, grabbing the sofa arm rest.

Stranger: He moved the ice to a different place. "wh-what about now...?"

You: She screams in pain and cries.

Stranger: He sighed, taking the ice away. He lightly brushed her back. "t-tell me where it hurts..." he said softly, moving his hand around on her back.

You: She screams a little bit more. "There." It's her spine.

Stranger: He flinched at her scream, putting the ice there. "y-you should see a doctor...." he said quietly.

You: "I don't need a doctor. I am going to be fine.!

You: "

Stranger: "I-I think you should....j-just in case..." he said quietly. Francis frowned slightly. "you really should, mon cheri. I'll call one..."

You: "Do whatever you want." She lies her head down on the sofa, looking away from Toris and Francis.

Stranger: Francis got up, going to another room to call a doctor. Toris sighed, staying with her.

Stranger: (BRB. if I get disconnected, note me on Deviantart with this conversation.)

You: ((okay dokie))

Stranger: (back)

You: ((wb))

You: She is still looking away.

Stranger: He sighed quietly. She probably didn't like him anymore...he was the one that had distracted her, after all.

You: She quickly grabs his arm. "Please don't leave me."

Stranger: He stiffened at her touch. "a-alright..."

You: "I am sorry." She sniffs.

Stranger: He cocked his head curiously. No-one says sorry to slaves... "wh-what for...?"

You: "For doing this. You really don't have to see this."

Stranger: He frowned slightly. "s-see what...? s-see you hurt?"

You: She nods,

Stranger: He closed his eyes gently. She was so young, he wouldn't tell her what he had seen... "I-It's fine...I-I just want you healed..." he siad softly

Stranger: *said

You: ((hey I am going to have to go.. i will message you on Deviantart later.. its getting late where i live. so i will talk to you later. bye bye.. thank you for roleplaying with me and thank you for letting me use Paris <3))

Stranger: (ok~ I'll send you the conversation. I totally love Paris, she's adorable.)

You: ((thank you for saying that. That means alot to me.. okay dokie ttyl <3 ))

Stranger: (kk. see ya. And IKR? I love when people say that about my OC.)

Stranger: (bye.)

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I want to thank chainmailepsychic for a awesome and beautiful role-play.


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